ALF Surface Mount Technology | SMT Feeder

Auto Tape
No Splicing
10 Second
Center Cut
Cover tape


Eliminates the need to procure and apply splicing materials.

ALF significantly reduces maintenance by eliminating dust created by standard feeders release of paper cover tape.

Decreased setup time with approximately 5 second tape loading times compared to conventional feeders.

Virtual non-stop Auto feed tape components with the Yamaha-exclusive mechanism allowing the setting of a replenishment reel any time.


Model ALF
Compatible tape Width 8mm, Maximum thickness 1mm
* There are restrictions. Please contact us for more details. Material Paper/(Emboss * In development)
* Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Cover Tape (PSA) can not correspond.
Applicable reel specifications Feed pitch setting 2mm / 4mm
Reel width 14.4mm or less, φ382mm or less
When using applicable reel holder, Reel width 13.6mm or less, φ178mm or less.
8mm-converted installation
occupied width
12mm pitch
Loadable minimum tape length 400mm or more
Applicable components 1005 to 3216
Feeder type 4 types S (1005)/M (1608)/L (2012)/LL (3216)
Tape loading time Approx. 5 sec
* From tape feed start to pickup preparation completion.
Compatible mounter YS/YSM series with tape cutter
External dimension (excluding projections) L549 x W11.5 x H278mm
Weight Approx. 1.50kg

ALF | Surface Mount Technology | SMT Feeder

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