Low Cost SCARA

Low Cost
Up to 400mm
Cost Performance
Cycle Time!


Simplified sturdy design is achieved via the completely beltless structure.

Utilizing direct connection to the speed reduction gear, tip rotation maintains high accuracy and rigidity even at high speed.

YAMAHA’s award winning SCARA robots are backed with over 30 years of innovation.

With multiple sizes and feature these robots handle a wide variety of processes and applications.

Low Cost High Performance Robot YK400XR

New SCARA robot YK400XR developed by redesigning evenmechanical components of conventional models. This SCARA robot gives the high quality and high performance,and yet superior cost performance.
YK400XR developed by redesigning even mechanical components of conventional models, are introduced.


Arm length: 400mm

Maximum payload: 3kg

01 Shortest Cycle Time in this class

A standard cycle time of 0.45 sec. is achieved by drawing out the robot performance to its maximum level.

02 Superior Cost Performance

Most economical price in YAMAHA's similar robot class without sacrificing its existing features.

03 With Versatile and High Performance Controller RCX340

Combination of YK400XR robot and new RCX340 controller enable operation up to 16 axes with simple easy networking.


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X-axis Y-axis Z-axis R-axis
Axis specifications Arm length (mm) 225 175 150 -
Rotation angle (°) +/-132 +/-150 - +/-360
AC servo motor output (W) 200 100 100 100
RepeatabilityNote1(XYZ : mm)(R : °) +/-0.01 +/-0.01 +/-0.01
Maximum speed (XYZ : m/sec)(R : °/sec) 6 1.1 2600
Maximum payload(kg) 3 (Standard specification), 2 (Option specificationsNote4)
Standard cycle time: with 2kg payloadNote2(sec) 0.45
R-axis tolerable moment of inertiaNote3(kgm2) 0.05kgm2(0.5kgfcms2)
User wiring (sq×wires) 0.2 × 10
User tubing (Outer diameter) φ4×3
Travel limit 1.Soft limit 2.Mechanical stopper (X,Y,Z axis)
Robot cable length (m) Standard: 3.5 Option: 5,10
Weight (kg) 17

Note1. This is the value at a constant ambient temperature. (X,Y axes)
Note2. When reciprocating 300mm in horizontal and 25mm in vertical directions and performing the coarse positioning arch operation.
Note3. It is necessary to input the moment of inertia in the actual operating environment.
Note4. Maximum payload of option specifications (with user wiring/tubing through spline type) is 2kg.

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