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Year Item
1984 Yamaha Motor Robotics founded in Japan.
1987 YM4600S and YM6000T, Yamaha's 1st Mounter series.
1987 YM10000 Yamaha 1st Dispenser.
1988 Cooperation with Philips EMT selling Yamaha OEM machines in Europe and USA.
1989 Yamaha's 1st Vision Camera, start core-competence vision department.
1993 "Vision on the fly" for Mounter System developed.
1997 5,000 Yamaha SMT machines manufactured.
2000 Yamaha Motor Robotics purchased Tenryu Technics and newly set up i-PULSE Co., Ltd.
2001 Start development of Yamaha Screen Printer.
2001 Introduction of Graphical User Interface based on Windows NT Operating System.
2001 10,000 Yamaha SMT machines manufactured.
2003 Hybrid Mounter Die-Bounder developed.
2006 Development of Hybrid X-Ray and Optical Inspection Systems.
2006 20,000 Yamaha SMT machines manufactured.
2007 Introduction of YSi-12 Inspection System based on Yamaha's Software Platform.
2007 Introduction of Compact Electrical Intelligent Feeding System.
2011 Yamaha Motor Robotics Europe & America founded.
2011 Creation of the 3rd generation Hybird Mounter Flip Chip Bounder.
2011 30,000 Yamaha SMT machines manufactured.
2012 High-Speed Dual Lane YSM series developed, 7th generation Mounter system.
2013 Yamaha Motor Robotics Suzhou, China founded.
2013 Yamaha Motor Robotics merged i-PULSE Co., Ltd.
2014 New modular YSM20 mounter, YSi-V 3D inspection and YCP10 printer launched.
2015 Yamaha Motor Robotics takes over Hitachi High-Technologies SMT business unit.
2016 Sigma F8S High-Speed Mounter launched.
2016 YSM20W Largest Dual Lane Width Mounter launched.
2016 YSi-V version 1 High-Speed AOI launched.
2016 YSi-V version 1 High-Speed AOI launched.
2016 Z:TA-R YSM40R High-Speed Mounter launched.
2017 YSM10 Compact High-Speed Mounter launched.
2017 YSi-V version 2 High-Speed AOI launched.
2017 New Yamaha Robotic facility in Hamamatsu, Japan completed, approximately 60,000 m2.
2017 40,000 Yamaha SMT machines manufactured.
2018 ALF Auto Loading Feeder launched.
2018 YST15 Intelligent SMD Storage System launched.
2018 YSi-SP High-Speed 3D Solder Paste Inspection Machine Launched.
2018 Z:LEX YSM20R High-End High-Efficiency Modular Mounter Launched.
2018 SIGMA G5SII High-Speed Mounter launched.