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Slider Type - SG
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01 New control method combines the best features of servo and stepping motors!

Stepping motors provide great features such as low cost , yet they have a drastic drop in torque at high speeds and heavy current consumption when stopped. The TRANSERVO by YAMAHA eliminates all these problems by adopting an innovative vector control method. In effect, the TRANSERVO delivers the same functions of a servo motor while using a lower cost stepping motor.

Energy saver!

Control is basically the same as a servomotor so power consumption is kept to a minimum, which saves energy and helps cut down on CO 2 emissions.

Perfect stop!

Also perfect stop can be achieved as the same as with ordinary stepping motors so choose this setting if needed.


02 Environmentally rugged resolver provides closed loop control

The resolver used for detecting the motor position is the same reliable resolver as used in our high-level robots. Resolver offer stable position detection even in harsh environments containing dust or oil, etc. Addtionally the resolution of the resolver is 20480 pulses per revolution.

rugged resolver

The resolver is a magnetic position detector. Its structure is simple with no electronic component and no optical elements. One great feature compared to ordinary optical encoders is that there are very few points where a failure might occur. Vast quantities of resolvers are used in fields like aviation and the automobile industry where reliability is essential and also because they are highly tough in harsh environments with a low failure rate.

Slider Type

01 Maximum payload 46kg
20kg can be supported even with the vertical specifications.

Use of a rigid table slide and 56 □ motor makes it possible to greatly increase the payload. A maximum payload of 46kg is achieved. Up to 20kg can be transferred even with the vertical specifications.


02 Maximum speed 1200mm/sec.

The speed is increased to a level 1.2 times faster than that of the existing model SS05H.


03 Improved maintenance ability.

The motor unit can be removed or the motor can be replaced easily. Therefore, even if the motor replacement is needed, a period of time to restore the production line can be shortened.


04 No homing is needed to shorten the startup time.

Absolute positioner TS-SH eliminates homing (origin) process.


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Type Model Size
Maximum payload(kg) Maximum speed
Horizontal Vertical
Straight model W65×H72 20 36 4 1200 50 to 800
12 43 12 800
6 46 20 350

Slider Type - SG | Stepping Motor | Single Axis Robot

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