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Multi-Axis RCX340
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01 Advanced functionality allowing high-level equipment construction

Multiple robots can be operated simultaneously through the high-speed communication. Use of link among controllers makes it possible to store programs into only one controller. Newly developed algorithms achieve reduction of the positioning time and improvement of the tracking accuracy.

Multiple robots can be controlled only with one master controller.

The RCX340 controller allows high-speed communication among the controllers. As the master controller sends operation commands to each slave controller, programs and points can be controlled only with the host master controller.
Additionally, as the RCX340 controller flexibly supports multi tasks, the data exchanging using the PLC can be simplified. Simultaneous start and arrival of each robot can also be controlled freely.
Complicated and precise robot system using many axes can be constructed more simply at low costs.

Smooth movement is achieved by greatly improving the motion functions

As a new servo motion engine is incorporated into the controller, various operations can be linked. Newly developed algorithms achieve reduction of the positioning time and improvement of the tracking accuracy.

Expansion of CONT option functions

The speed is made faster by liking dif ferent operations, such as PTP, interpolation operation, and conveyor tracking.

Improvement of operation speed

Use of linked PTP makes it possible to link all operations as much as possible. As operations with different acceleration/deceleration time are linked at the maximum level by giving priority to the operation time, the movement time can be greatly.

Proper use according to applications

When performing the continuous operation at a constant speed, such as sealing, the conventional PATH is used. When giving priority to the movement time, the liked PTP is used. An optimal operation suitable for the application can be selected.

More intuitive arch motion designation is possible.

As the arch motion route designation method is changed, the designation method is simplified and more intuitive designation is possible.

Flexible axis configuration supports a wide variety of applications.

Example : Interpolation operation in dual lane
The interpolation operation in the dual lane is possible by setting the multi-coordinate axes and making the CP commands applicable to the axis designation. This greatly shortens the cycle time of the robot with multiple axes having the same coordinate attribute.

Example : 4-axis dispenser robot A1-X/A2-Z/A3-Y/A4-Y

Tracking accuracy is improved.

Visualization using the servo analysis functions and high response using the functions increase the followingness. This improves the tracking accuracy when compared to conventional models.

02 Enhanced basic performance

Functions, such as robot languages, multi tasks, sequence functions, communications, and field buses are improved to make them easier to use.

Motion optimization

To bring out the robot performance at its maximum level, the motion optimization corresponding to the operation pattern is further strengthened. Robot operations with excellent quality, such as shortening of the operation time or suppression of vibrations at stop are achieved.

Optimal acceleration/deceleration motion
Acceleration/deceleration motion that operates at a high speed while suppressing the vibration is generated.

Compact design

The outside dimensions are approx. 355 mm (W) x 195 mm (H) x 130 mm (D). The volume ratio is reduced approx. 85% when compared to the conventional 4-axis controller to achieve the compact design and make the installation inside the control panel easy.

Improvement of cycle time

The speed is made faster with the YK-XG series.

Example : YK400XG
Standard cycle time operation 0.49 sec. 0.45 sec.

User memory capacity is increased.

The number of points is greatly increased.
Total capacity of programs and points: RCX240 364KB, RCX340 2.1MB

New support software "RCX-Studio" with improved visibility and operability

The program debugging functions are enhanced to support multi tasks. The quick setup is possible with easy-to-use operability and program input support function.

Easier to use and quicker setup when compared to YAMAHA robots/Effective maintenance
  • Easy to use operation system
  • Program debugging functions are enhanced to support multi tasks.
  • Program input support function

New programming box PBX

This programming box supports three languages,"Japanese", "English", and "Chinese". Use of color display greatly improves the visibility. Function addition and edit operations become easy to allow even a novice operator with less programming skill to operate the programming box. A function to save the controller data into a USB memory is also incorporated into this programming box.

03 More fulfilled expandability

RS-232C and Ethernet ports are provided as standard equipment. A wide variety of high-speed and large capacity field networks, such as CC-Link, DeviceNet™, and EtherNet/IP™ are supported as options. Connections with general purpose servo amplifier or other company's VISION are easy. So, the RCX340 is called "connectable controller".

A wide variety of field buses are supported. /Up to four controllers are connected to perform the centralized control of multiple robots.

RS-232C and Ethernet ports are provided as standard equipment. Additionally, fulfilling field buses, such as CC-Link, EtherNet/IP™, DeviceNet™, PROFIBUS, PROFINET, and EtherCAT can be supported to connect and control a wide variety of devices. For 5 or more axes, use of YC-Link/E makes it possible to connect up to four RCX340 controllers so as to perform the centralized control of multiple robots. Additionally, when using YC-Link/E Note 1, multiple robots can be handled as if they are operated using one controller. This ensures very easy robot programming and management. Therefore, this robot controller contributes to reduction of unseen costs, such as labor cost necessary for the setup work.

Note 1. When ordering YC-Link/E, please specify what robot is connected to what number controller.


Basic specifications
Applicable robots YAMAHA single-axis robots, linear single-axis robots, Cartesian robots, SCARA robots (except for YK120X and YK150X), P&P robots
Connectedmotor capacity 1600W or less (in total for 4 axes)
Power capacity 2500VA
Dimensions W355 × H195 × D130mm (main unit only)
Weight 6.2kg (main unit only)
Power supply voltage Single-phase 200 to 230V AC +/-10% maximum, 50/60Hz
Axis control
No. of controllable axes Max. 4 axes (simultaneous control: 6 axes)
Expandable to up to 16 axes (4 robots) using YC-Link/E.
Drive method AC full digital servo
Position detection method Resolver or magnetic linear scale
Control method PTP motion (point to point), ARCH motion, linear interpolation, circular interpolation
Coordinate systems Joint coordinates, Cartesian coordinates
Position display units Pulses, mm (1/1000 steps), degree (1/1000 steps)
Speed setting 1 to 100% (1% steps, This setting can be made even by programming.)
Acceleration/deceleration setting Automatic acceleration setting by robot model and tip weight parameter
Setting by acceleration coefficient and deceleration rate parameters (1% steps)
* Can be changed by programming.
Zone control (Only the SCARA robot can set an optimum speed corresponding to the arm position.)
Program language YAMAHA BASIC II conforming to JIS B8439 (SLIM language)
Multi-task Max. 16 tasks
Sequence program 1 Program
Memory capacity 2.1MB (Total of program and point data)
(Available capacity for program when the maximum number of points is used: 300KB)
Program 100 programs (maximum number of programs)
9999 lines (maximum number of lines per program)
Point 30000 points (maximum number of points)
Point teaching method MDI (coordinate data input), direct teaching, teaching playback, offline teaching (data input from external unit)
System backup
(Internal memory backup)
Lithium battery
(service life about 4 years at 0 to 40°C)
External I/O
SAFETY Input Emergency stop ready input, 2 systems
Auto mode input, 2 systems (Enabled only when the global specifications are used.)
Output Emergency stop contact output, 2 systems
Enable contact output, 2 systems (Enabled only when the PBX-E is used.)
Motor power ready output, 2 systems
Brake output Transistor output (PNP open collector)
Origin sensor input Connectable to 24V DC B-contact (normally closed) sensor
External communications RS-232C : 1CH (D-SUB 9-pin (female))
Ethernet : 1CH (In conformity with IEEE802.3u/IEEE802.3)
                  100Mbps/10Mbps (100BASE-TX/10BASE-T)
                   Applicable to Auto Negotiation
USB : 1CH (B type)
RS-422 : 1CH (Dedicated to PBX)
General specifications
Operating temperature 0°C to 40°C
Storage temperature -10°C to 65°C
Operating humidity 35 to 85% RH (no condensation)
Noise immunity Conforms to IEC61000-4-4 Level 3
Protective structure IP20
Appliance classes Class I
Option board Note Parallel I/O board Standard specifications Dedicated input 8 points, dedicated output 9 points
General-purpose input 16 points, general-purpose output 8 points
NPN/PNP specifications are selected. (maximum 1 board)
Expansion specifications General-purpose input 24 points, general-purpose output 16 points
NPN/PNP specifications are selected. (maximum 4 boards)
CC-Link board Ver1.1/2.0 Remote I/O
   Dedicated input/output: 16 points each
   General-purpose input/output: 96 points each
Remote register
   Input/output: 16 words each
DeviceNet™ board
EtherNet/IP™ board
YC-Link/E board(master/slave) Communication cycle: 1 ms, control cycle: minimum 1 ms / maximum 8 ms, maximum number of robot units: four units
Maximum number of control axes: total 16 axes (including four master controller axes), maximum 12 axes for slaves only
YRG(gripper) board Position detection method: optical rotary encoder, minimum setting distance: 0.01 mm
Speed setting: 20 to 100% relative to the maximum parameter speed, number of connected gripper units: maximum four units
Drive power: DC 24V +/-10%, 1.0A Max
Tracking board Number of connected encoders: maximum two units, supported encoders: 26LS31/26C31 equivalent line driver (RS422 compliant)
Encoder power supply: DC5V (2 counter (ch) total 500 mA or less) (supplied from controller)
iVY2 unit Camera pixels: maximum 2 million pixels, number of registered models: 254 models, number of connected cameras: maximum two units
Power supply: DC24V +/-10% 1.5A Max
Programming box PBX, PBX-E
Absolute battery 3.6V 2750mAH / axis Backup retention time: About 1 year
RCX-Studio Pro RCX-Studio Pro

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