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Single Axis Robot SSC
Sealed Structure
Use in
medical, food


Suitable for clean room electronics, food and medical related work.

Dust emission prevention through highly sealed structures.

High suction efficiency achieves both cleanliness and high performance.

Clean room labor savings through automated production systems.

SSC type (TRANSERVO series)
Clean single-axis robots A clean room applicable model of the less expensive compact single-axis robot TRANSERVO series.
Suction air joint is provided as standard accessory and low dust emission grease is used.
As a stainless sheet with excellent durability is attached to the slide table surface, this achieves high cleanliness degree. This robot can also be used vertically. Degree of cleanliness : CLASS 10 *Per 1cf (0.1µ base),when suction blower is used.

Stroke:50 to 800mm

Intake Air:15 to 80Nℓ/min

Degree of cleanliness:CLASS10

Maximum payload:12kg(Horizontal)


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Model Size(mm) Lead(mm) Payload(kg) maximum speed(mm/sec) Stroke(mm)
Horizontal Vertical
W49×H59 12 2 1 600 50 to 400
6 4 2 300
2 6 4 100
W55×H56 20 4 - 1000 50 to 800
12 6 1 600
6 10 2 300
W55×H56 20 6 - 1000 50 to 800
12 8 2 600(Horizontal)・
6 12 4 300(Horizontal)・

Note. Size is the approximate cross sectional size.

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