Electric Gripper
Electric gripper YRG-series enables gripping force control, speed control, acceleration control, multi-point position control, and workpiece measuring.

YRG Series

Electric grippers for the RCX340 controller
Easy to operate since YAMAHA robot language gives unified control

An electric gripper achieving the highly accurate gripping force, position, and speed control that are difficult to achieve by conventional air units. The gripper is controlled only with one 4-axis controller RCX340. As the data exchange with the host unit, such as PLC is not needed, the setup or startup can be performed easily.

YRG Series

S type (single cam type)

W type(double cam type)

F type(Screw type)

T type(three fingers type)


Clicking a desired model name allows you to see its detailed catalog.

Type Model Holding power
Open/close stroke
Maximum speed
Repetitive positioning accuracy
Three fingers 2.5 3.5 100 +/-0.03 90
2 13 100 +/-0.03 190
10 20 100 +/-0.03 340
20 30 100 +/-0.03 640

Hoding power control: 30 to 100% (1% steps)
Speed control: 20 to 100% (1% steps)
Acceleration control: 1 to 100% (1% steps)
Multipoint position control: 10,000 max.
Workpiece size judgment: 0.01 mm units (by ZON signal)